Mattress Topper

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How It Feels

The Firm mattress topper add an extra layer of cushioning for added comfort. All toppers are 50MM high.

3 levels of comfort and 6 sizes – you choose

SleepX mattress toppers come in three levels of firmness – soft, medium and firm. A soft mattress topper adds a luxurious layer to your bed. They’re a perfect fit for every sized mattress. The medium and firm mattress toppers add an extra layer of cushioning for added comfort.


Update your old mattress

If you can’t part with your old mattress, a mattress topper can transform your current bed. The extra cushioning adds another layer of comfort and helps with weight distribution. It’s especially good if your current mattress is too firm.

They're Great Value

Of course, buying a SleepX mattress will save you hundreds of dollars compared with a traditional retail mattress. But if you’re saving up for a new one and need a temporary ‘comfort fix’, a mattress topper is ideal.

A cooler sleep

Our mattress toppers are made of technologically advanced materials so they can help regulate the heat your body builds-up in bed. That means, a cooler, more comfortable sleep.

Protection for your mattress

Your mattress topper can work as a mattress protector. It adds that extra layer to your bedding, so your mattress lasts longer. Choosing the best mattress topper for your bed is just a matter of measuring up.

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