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How It Feels
915mm wide x 1880mm long x 240mm thick

SleepX Serenity Soft is the right mattress for you if you like a plush mattress. Three foam layers give this mattress its comfortable and supportive feel.
  • 120 night trial & 10 year warranty
  • Next day metro delivery
  • 5 business day delivery outside metro areas
  • Made in Australia from high quality foams
  • Money back guarantee
  • Non-Allergenic & Anti-Bacterial
    • Free Next Day Delivery

    • 10 Year Warranty

    • Australian Made

    • Non-Allergenic and Antibacterial

    • 120 Night Trial

    The Sleep Formula encompasses the three main characteristics of a mattress that are conducive to quality sleep. These factors affect every sleeper and a mattress that optimizes them will help you get more sleep faster.

    Pressure Redistribution

    For healthy sleep, your mattress needs to redistribute weight effectively to prevent pressure on the nerves and blood vessels. Your spine should be able to settle in a neutral position, aligned with your head, shoulders and hips.

    An inadequate mattress will either create pressure points or won’t offer enough support. Either way, this makes for an unsettled, achy sleep.


    The right mattress should also be breathable, allowing the body heat and perspiration created during sleep to dissipate.

    A mattress that isn’t breathable will trap body heat, causing your temperature and blood pressure to rise, and leading you to toss and turn or eventually wake up.

    Comfort Factor

    This might seem painfully obvious, but the perfect mattress should also be one that you find comfortable. And comfort is a subjective thing, meaning one mattress doesn’t fit at all.

    As we’ve all experienced, falling and staying asleep on a mattress that you don’t find comfortable is a very difficult task.

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