The Science of SleepX

At SleepX, our mission is to better understand sleep and create products that help you do just that. Our goal is to use data, research and science to revolutionise the way Australia sleeps. To do so, we enlisted one of Australia's top universities to help us determine what makes a good night’s sleep.

Though every sleeper is unique, we discovered that there are a few factors that affect everyone’s capacity to rest soundly. We call this The Sleep Formula.

Pressure Redistribution

For optimal sleep, your mattress needs to redistribute weight effectively to minimise pressure on nerves and blood vessels. Your spine should settle in a neutral position, aligned with your head, shoulders and hips.

SleepX mattresses use a combination of materials to achieve superior pressure redistribution and support. Hygroflex prevents the formation of pressure points, while support layers ensure that the spine is well positioned.


To fall asleep, a person’s body temperature must drop one to two degrees. For this to happen, a mattress should be breathable, allowing body heat and perspiration to dissipate.

SleepX products are made entirely of open-cell materials, helping heat and moisture to disperse rapidly. Hygroflex is up to 8 times more breathable than traditional memory foam, keeping you cool and dry throughout the night.

Comfort Choice

To achieve high quality sleep, your mattress needs to be really, really comfortable. And because comfort is a subjective thing, one mattress doesn’t fit all.

At SleepX, we’ve designed a range of comfort feels to suit every sleeper. Choose from our range of sizes and firmness levels to create the perfect mattress for you.