What is Hygroflex?

While memory foam has been the comfort material of choice for over half a century, it has yet to be perfected. Modern memory foam still retains body heat and humidity, causing you to “sleep hot”.

To achieve new levels of sleep quality, we knew we had to use new materials. Our search for support, pressure relief, breathability and comfort led us to Hygroflex. Hygroflex is a unique material that combines memory foam properties with high-resilience (bouncy) properties.  This means it moulds to your shape like memory foam, but allows airflow and body heat to dissipate through it. This results in a fantastic surface that is both more comfortable and more breathable than other mattresses.


Hygroflex is so great it even received independent experts' stamp of approval. In fact, local university researchers put Hygroflex to the test and found that:

✔ Hygroflex redistributes pressure more effectively than traditional memory foams.

✔ Hygroflex diffuses body heat more rapidly than traditional memory foams.

✔ Hygroflex is a low hysteresis material. This has been linked to better sleep efficiency.