Got a question? Here's a few of the most common questions about our mattresses, pillows and other products.

What is a SleepX mattress made of?

All our mattresses are made in Australia from high quality foams. They’re comfortable, cool and long-lasting and made to suit your lifestyle.

How do I know if the mattress I choose will suit my bed?

SleepX mattresses suit most bed bases. Just to be sure, measure your bed, then take a look at our mattress size guide before you place your order.

Can I really get my money back if I’m not happy with my mattress?

Absolutely. We’d encourage you to try your new mattress for up to 120 nights before you decide. If you don’t love it, call us for a full refund.

How do I know if the mattress is right for me?

The best way to test your mattress is right at home. You’ve probably had your old mattress awhile, so the new one is going to feel a bit different. Some people fall in love with their new mattress on the first night. For others it can take a few weeks or more. Our 120-night trial gives you a good chance to make sure you’ve chosen the right mattress for you. If you’re not totally happy, just organise a return/pick-up with us before the trial period is up, and we’ll refund your money.

How big are the mattresses in a box and are they easy to move?

Every SleepX mattress comes in a box. All single mattresses come in a box this size: 37cm x 37cm x110cm. Double mattresses, Queen mattresses and King mattresses come in a box this size: 37cm x 37cm x 190cm.

Compared to moving a traditional mattress, they’re easy to manoeuvre into your bedroom. We made a video to show you how it works.

Where does SleepX deliver to?

SleepX delivers to metro and regional areas in most major states. We ship to NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to service NT and TAS.

Can I get my mattress delivered next day?

If you live in a major metropolitan area we’ll have your mattress delivered next day. If you live outside a metro area, please allow up to 5 business days for delivery.

Why can't the Duo be shipped next day?

Our Duo mattresses are custom-made, just the way you like it. That means they take a little longer to make. We’ll ship your Duo mattress 3-5 days after you place your order, so you and your partner will be sleeping happily before you know it.

How long until the mattress is fully uncompressed?

Your mattress in a box will begin gently decompressing as soon as you start removing the clear plastic wrapping. Once that’s done, it will only take a couple of minutes before your new mattress is ready to go but full decompression may take up to 24 hours.

My old mattress was really hot. How does a SleepX mattress compare?

Many people find traditional memory foam mattresses hot to sleep in. This is why we make SleepX mattresses with Hygroflex. Hygroflex is a unique new foam designed to diffuse body heat and prevent moisture build-up in the mattress. This means that body heat dissipates through the night, leaving you and your mattress a comfortable temperature.

Can I just keep trialling as many mattresses as I like?

Our 120-night trial is a great way of testing out whether you’ll be happy with the mattress you ordered. If you’re not 100% happy with your mattress, you have another opportunity to find the right one.

What is covered by our mattress warranty?

Assuming your mattress is being used for its intended purpose and has been properly handled and subject to normal wear, our 10-year limited warranty covers the following defects:
A visible indentation or sag greater than 25mm in the foam material. This means the indentation is visible when no weight is applied to the top of the Product. Please note that “normal wear” assumes and requires that your mattress is continuously supported by a proper foundation sufficient to support the distributed weight of your body and the mattress itself.
Any physical flaw in the foam material that causes it to split or crack.

Our warranty does not include:
Physical abuse or damage to the structure and/or cover material. This includes, but is not limited to, burns, cuts, tears, liquid damage, or stains; provided, that the defect is caused by such abuse or damage.

What happens to my mattress if I return it?

Unfortunately, charities don’t accept used mattresses, so where possible, all returned mattresses are recycled.

How do I choose the right pillow?

Choosing the right pillow is important if you’re after a great night’s sleep. Your pillow serves two basic roles: to support your head and neck and help maintain the correct alignment of your spine. It often comes down to personal preference, but we find that a low-profile pillow works best for back sleepers. A medium profile pillow is ideal if you’re a side-sleeper and need that extra height to support your neck. A high-profile pillow is designed to be comfortable for people with broad shoulders. Take a look at our video on choosing the ideal pillow.

What’s the warranty and money back guarantee on a SleepX pillow?

Your SleepX pillow has a 5 year warranty.

Can I really get my money back if I'm not happy with my pillow? Absolutely. We’d encourage you to try your new pillow for up to 30 nights before you decide. If you don’t love it, call us for a full refund.

Do I need a mattress topper?

A mattress topper gives you an extra layer of comfort and support. SleepX toppers are 50MM in thickness and fit on top of your mattress. So, if you find that you have a mattress that’s too firm, a mattress topper might be the answer. A firm mattress topper also works to give more support to a softer mattress. Take a look at our video about mattress toppers and pillows.

What’s the warranty on a SleepX mattress topper?

Your SleepX mattress topper has a 5 year warranty.

Can you clean the mattress cover?

Your SleepX mattress cover is there to protect your mattress and keep it clean. It can be removed however we don't recommend this. It’s made of hard-wearing polyester, so it’s designed to last. To keep the mattress in good condition, we suggest you vacuum it every few months. This removes any dust. Use a mild soap and a slightly damp to sponge to remove any spots or stains. You might also consider fitting a mattress protector, which works as a barrier against moisture and dust mites.

Are all SleepX products environmentally friendly?

In short, yes. The foams we use have all been given the environmental tick of approval by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA). The GECA label is only awarded to products which have the highest level of environmental preference, quality and fitness for purpose.

What makes the SleepX mattresses, pillows and mattress toppers anti-bacterial?

We use CompriShield™ in all of our products to ensure we keep the nasties away from you while you enjoy a great night’s sleep. CompriShield™ is a natural, sustainable, bio-based microbial control solution. It’s derived from sustainably sourced coconut oil.

CompriShield™ locks and bonds to the foam during the manufacturing process. This gives great protection against mould, mildew, dust mites, and odour. The benefits last the lifetime of the foam. In laboratory tests, foams treated with CompriShield™ have zero mould growth after 28 days. Bacterial microbes are reduced by more than 98%.