Sweet dreams for two

Ideas to help you and your partner get a good night's sleep

You love love a luxurious sleep-in. Your partner is an early bird.

You like to stay up late and read in bed. Your partner starts work at 6am and hates sleeping with a light on.

You like a comfortable, soft mattress. Your partner could sleep on a rock and be happy.

So how do couples negotiate their different sleep habits?

Sleeping ‘happily ever after’ is not guaranteed

You probably spend about one third of your life in bed together, and that can be a wonderful thing.

It can also highlight some real differences - different habits and preferences. Get it right, and you may live happily ever after. But unresolved differences can drive a wedge between you and your partner, leading to a bad night’s sleep and grumpiness the morning after.  

  • Some couples decide to sleep in different beds (a National Sleep Foundation Survey found that one in four married couples sleep separately).
  • It will come as no surprise that a bad night’s sleep can lead to relationship dissatisfaction. It can lead to tiredness, frustration and resentment.
  • Add kids, and the picture can mean sleep interruption throughout the night.
  • One in three people snore at least a few nights a week. This is a common disturbance for partners who toss and turn, trying to block out the unwanted noise. Snoring can also be related to sleep apnoea, which is a proven dampener on libido and sexual activity.

It’s a good idea to tackle your sleep differences head-on

If your partner’s snoring or other sleep habits are keeping you awake, try these practical fixes:

  • Earplugs can block-out snoring and other disturbing noises.
  • Use an eye-mask to block-out the light.
  • For the late-night reader, use a book-light which focuses only on what you’re reading. Or use a reading tablet in night-reading mode.
  • Try listening to music or peaceful sounds like the 'rain sounds app'.
  • Use decongestants, like a nasal spray, to clear any congestion you might have.
  • For the early-riser, use a vibrating alarm clock under a pillow as a wake-up call.
  • For chronic snorers, avoid sleeping on your back. For some people avoiding alcohol can also help.
  • See a doctor if you think sleep apnoea might be an issue.

The best mattress for couples

Customised mattresses, like the SleepX Duo mattress, are made to keep both partners happy in bed. They’re also made to help minimise sleep disturbance. You can choose to have one type of mattress feel on your side of the bed, and your partner can choose another.

So, one side can be firm and the other side soft, for example. What a great idea!

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