4 ways to stay cool if you ‘sleep hot’

Do you often find yourself tossing off the covers at night, desperate to cool down?

To fall asleep easily, your core body temperature needs to drop one or two degrees lower than when you’re awake. Your body’s circadian rhythm governs this temperature change and guides your daily sleep-wake cycle.

It follows that if you’re too hot in bed, you’ll have trouble getting a good night’s sleep.

Why do some people feel hotter than others?

Humans feel most comfortable when their body temperature is around 37 degrees Celsius. But some people report feeling colder or hotter than others.

Women often feel colder than men in the same environment. Though their core temperature can run higher than men, they have a lower skin temperature, so they feel the cold more. This is because they have more subcutaneous fat and oestrogen in their bodies.

Women also generally have a slower metabolic rate than men. Plus, the natural hormonal changes they experience during the month means that their body temperature also fluctuates.

Turns out that even the thermal design of buildings suits men better than women. According to a study published in Nature, the thermostat on air-conditioners in many homes and office buildings are set on a 1960s model most suitable to men’s metabolic rate. (Could this lead to a ‘Me Too’ revolt in air-conditioning?)

Like many aspects of our bodies, some people inherit a tendency for feeling hotter or colder.

Here are a few ideas on how to turn down the temperature and improve the quality of your sleep.

1. Control the environmental temperature in your bedroom

The simplest way to manage the temperature in your bedroom is to take control of your air-conditioner. Or close or open your bedroom windows.

Of course, if you and your partner experience heat and cold differently, it’s going to be difficult to find the happy medium. 

2. Go with all-natural bedding

100% cotton sheets feel luxurious, light-weight and breathable. They’re also great for keeping you cool in bed. You might also try eco-friendly bamboo sheets. In any case, avoid synthetic materials for your sheets, pillowcases and doona covers.

3. End the ‘battle for the perfect doona’

If you run cold and your partner runs hot at night, you might also try the European approach to bedding - having separate blankets or differently weighted doonas. Not only will you and your partner sleep better, it might be great for your relationship!

4. Is your mattress or pillow making you hot?

Mattress and pillow technology has come a long way. Traditional foam mattresses and pillows have an incredible way of contouring to your body. Trouble is, they’re not designed to allow for easy air-flow while you sleep. They trap your body’s heat, making you hot and sweaty.

Not a great formula for a restful sleep.

Luckily, the latest mattresses and pillows allow for more breathability and temperature regulation. SleepX mattresses are a perfect hybrid of memory foam and high-resilience foam. They help the body’s heat to dissipate through the night, so both you and your mattress remain a comfortable temperature. SHOP NOW.