Want to know the key to love and happiness?

Why a good night’s sleep is the best Valentine’s Day present you can give your loved one

Valentine’s Day. It rolls around every year, with companies marketing everything from flowers and chocolates to ‘sexy-time socks’ (I kid you not).

But given the amount of time couples spend in bed together, perhaps a great night’s sleep is the best present of all?

The fact is, a lack of quality sleep can lead to grumpiness, irritability and frustration – not the best ingredients for the perfect romance.

And the key to happiness is..

Researchers from Oxford Economics and the National Centre for Social Research in the UK have created the Sainsbury’s Living Well Index. They surveyed 8,000 people, to find out what makes them really happy. Their research revealed that “better sleep is the biggest single contributor to living better”.  

A good night’s sleep ranked way ahead of having a good sex life, job security, and having healthy family members. 

Interestingly, having a lot of money did not rank highly on the list of wellness factors.

Sainsbury’s Living Well Index

Sainsbury’s Living Well Index: The eight factors that explain the most difference between the typical person and the top 20 percent of people living well

Other interesting sleep facts:

  • Sleep deprivation kills your libido

A study by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that men who slept less than 5 hours a night have significantly less testosterone levels. This lack of sleep reduced their libido - putting a real dampener on romance.

Even without knowing the results of this study, we know that lack of quality sleep generally makes us less energetic and less inclined to cuddle our loved one.

A lack of quality sleep eats away at relationships. To nurture your partnership, you need to listen to your loved-one and resolve any conflict that may arise. You also need to have patience and empathy for their circumstances. When you lack sleep, the last thing you feel like doing is listen to your partner’s complaints about work and finances, or their long-lost ambitions.

  • Tiredness affects our mood and makes us laugh less

Another US study showed that shared laughter was a sure sign of a happy relationship. Couples who laughed together, stayed together longer. Poor sleep increases negative moods (anger, frustration, irritability, sadness) and decreases positive moods. So, less sleep, less laughter and less romance.

  • Valentine’s Day: time for a new mattress?

The bedroom is usually a bit of a focal point for this annual celebration. And setting the scene for romance – and a comfortable and night’s sleep – may take a little preparation.

Whether you’re splashing out for a night of luxury in a hotel, or staying home to snuggle up with your loved one, make sure you’re floating on air with the best mattress on the market.

Enjoy your celebrations! And Happy Valentine’s Day.