The surprising truth about sharing a bed

Your bedroom can be a sanctuary from the world. A place you leave your work and life troubles behind. Where you replenish your energies for the next day. Where you can just be yourself.

And for most couples, sharing a life means sharing a bed.

But a recent US study revealed some interesting facts:

  • Almost half of those surveyed would prefer to sleep alone
  • 57% of people said they snuck off in the middle of the night to get a better sleep
  • 51% said they were “thermally incompatible” – one person prefers a hot sleep environment, while the other person likes it cooler
  • 32% said they spend all night fighting over the covers with their partner

The most common reasons for not sleeping with a partner

Everyone has their own list of why sleeping with their partner is not ideal.

The main reasons include: they snore, they move around a lot, they get up often during the night, they talk in their sleep, they’re too hot, they spread out too much, you’re mad at them, or you’ve drifted apart.

After the romance has worn off, many couples consider a ‘sleep divorce’. Separate beds, separate rooms.

3 Reasons why sleeping with your partner is a good idea

But there are some upsides to sharing your bed.

1. A place to share your thoughts.

If you’ve both been busy during the day, bedtime is a good time to catch-up. But remember, intimacy starts before you get to bed. Have the conversation about anything that’s irritating you well before bedtime, and go gently. To maintain a healthy relationship, the bedroom is not the place for arguments.

2. A chance to show your love.

Cuddles and companionship. Intimacy is at the core of most good relationships. Whether you’re swept away by the moment or you have to ‘make a date’ to get together, the bedroom is most often the place to demonstrate the love you feel for your partner.

3. It makes you happier!

According to the survey, the happiest couples were more likely the ones who shared their bed.

According to psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith Ph.D., couples who do not sleep together tend to be less communicative. They’re also missing out on an “exchange of energy”, though he can’t put his finger on exactly what this is!

SleepX to the relationship rescue!

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