SleepX Mattress FAQ

Many people are curious about how we make our SleepX mattresses so comfortable. How do we test our mattresses? How do we make them ‘cooler’ than other mattresses on the market? What’s our process to keep your mattress ‘fresh’?

We asked Cameron, our technical expert, to give us the answers to your most commonly asked questions - and here’s what he said:

How do you test your mattresses?

There are 4 main things that we look for when we test a SleepX mattress

  1. Hardness – Some people prefer a softer and more comfortable mattress. Others will opt for a firmer and more supportive feel. Each mattress is tested for Indentation Force Deflection (IFD) and must fall within an acceptable range. IFD is all about how your mattress moulds to your body shape and then bounces back into shape when you get out of bed.
  2. Airflow – In technical terms, we refer to airflow as ‘porosity’ or ‘breathability’. A good airflow ensures the mattress has excellent recovery after compression, as well as excellent thermal properties (stays cool).
  3. Compression Set – For 24 hours, we compress small foam samples to 90% of their height, then we release the pressure to check they return to their original height.
  4. Durability – Warning - don’t try this at home! The mattress is placed under a heavy roller, which rolls back and forth 20,000 times. This test simulates how the mattress will hold-up after heavy use over 10 years.

What makes a SleepX mattress so long-lasting?

High density polyurethane foams are well known for being long lasting and durable. All SleepX mattresses are tested for and have excellent results in compression set and durability, so you know they will last.

All our mattresses are hard-wearing and resilient thanks to their internal molecular structure (a strong, chemically-inert polymer).

How much research goes into making a SleepX mattress?

The Sleepx team have over 20 years’ experience in the bedding industry, designing, creating and testing mattresses, so they can confidently say “we know mattresses”. The team continues to work on new technologies that will improve your sleep by making mattresses even better.

How do the materials in a SleepX mattress make it a cooler mattress compared to traditional memory foam mattresses?

The Balance (medium feel) and Restore (firm feel) have a unique technology that has all the benefits of a memory foam, soft initial feel, mounds to the shape of your body, but unlike traditional memory foams it has spring back giving much higher airflow.

The foam is produced with much higher open cells allowing for increased breathability through the mattress. At SleepX we call this a hybrid foam as it has all the benefits of a memory foam without the issue of high temperature.

Will a SleepX mattress mould to my body shape? Will I leave a ‘permanent’ impression in the mattress?

In our Serenity (soft feel) mattress, we include a top layer of memory foam. In our Balance and Restore mattresses we have our unique hybrid of memory foam and high resilience foam. This allows the mattress to mould to your body shape without leaving a permanent impression. We rigorously test all our mattresses to ensure compression and durability won’t fade over time. We measure density and hardness of the mattress over time. We also check how long the foam takes to reform once you’ve left the mattress.

Our 10-year warranty reflects the guarantee that our mattresses will last the distance and leave no permanent impression.

What’s the secret to why a SleepX mattresses bounces back into shape after it’s been delivered in its box?

All SleepX mattresses use an open-celled foam. When open-celled foam is compressed, the air inside is released and the honeycomb structure of the foam simply lies flat. When the vacuum-sealed bag is opened, air is able to easily rush back inside the foam structure, and the mattress springs back to life.

Foam is naturally ‘spring-like’ and it “remembers” its original shape. No matter how much you try to manipulate it, the mattress will always try to return to the original shape.

How do you make a SleepX mattress anti-bacterial?

An anti-bacterial mattress is designed to inhibit the growth and survival of bacteria and prevent mould and mildew. All SleepX mattresses are anti-microbial, using a natural product derived from coconut oil so it doesn’t contain heavy metals or toxic compounds and bonds to the foam, a bit like ‘road-spikes’ on your care tyres, puncturing and destroying bacteria. This keeps your SleepX mattress fresh and bacteria-free for a long time.

We hope that answers a few of your questions about SleepX mattresses. Check out our FAQ section or get in touch if you have more questions!