Hygroflex - SleepX mattresses have been put to the test! 

Tried and tested: How we know our mattresses are the best!

All mattresses are definitely NOT created equal.

We’ve all had the experience of tossing and turning because our mattress felt too hard or too soft. Or you’ve found that you and your partner have ended up rolling into the middle of the bed during the night.

Not fun!

So, when we say “our mattresses are the best”, we know we’re sticking our neck out. We also know that we’ve got real tests to prove it.

Tested by researchers at RMIT in Melbourne

In our quest to help you get the best sleep possible, we enlisted researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne to look at our mattresses under the microscope.

In particular, they tested Hygroflex foam. Hygroflex was developed by an international team of sleep specialists and is made right here in Australia. It is a new type of foam which is designed for optimal support and cool comfort. We use Hygroflex foam in the top layer of our Balance and Restore mattresses.



What were they testing?

The RMIT researchers tested how the body’s pressure was redistributed on Hygroflex compared to traditional memory foams.

They were also interested in whether the mattress retained heat during the night. This is a real problem for some people as mattresses tend to absorb body heat, resulting in a sweaty body and a poorer quality sleep.

A cooler sleep environment helps you fall asleep and supports the body’s natural sleep cycle. 

The researchers also looked at the amount of friction created by the body on the mattress. For people who spend long periods of time in bed, this can lead to more serious issues as constant pressure or friction causes damage to the skin and underlying tissue. For the rest of us, less friction means we move in bed more easily.

We make our mattresses with layer upon layer of comfort

The results of the RMIT research were amazing.

Hygroflex was found to outperform traditional memory foams in three ways:

  • It redistributes your body’s pressure on the surface of the mattress. This means you’re better supported and the foam conforms to the shape of your body without leaving a permanent indent.
  • It dissipates body heat, keeping you cooler at night.
  • A Hygroflex mattress generates less friction. This means that you can move more easily in bed, giving you a more comfortable and higher-quality sleep.

Our Balance Medium and Restore Firm mattresses include extra layers of high quality foam for added support and comfort.


Looking for the perfect ‘Goldilocks’ mattress?

SleepX’s Balance Medium Mattress is a mattress that’s not too soft and not too hard. It’s just right with a perfect balance of comfort and firm support.

The top layer is made of shape-conforming Hygroflex foam, providing a cool, comfortable layer to help you sleep.

The middle layer is a support layer designed for added comfort and reduced partner disturbance.

The base layer is made of a high-quality firm foam that supplies deep down support for a great night’s sleep.

Do you need a mattress with a little more support?

Love sleeping on a firm foundation?

The SleepX Restore Firm Mattress ensures you have proper support for a good sleep posture while still feeling comfortable. The main benefit of a firm mattress is that it allows your spine, neck, and limbs to settle easily into a comfortable position.

The Restore Firm Mattress has two foam layers. The top layer is made of Hygroflex foam and the base layer combines comfort and support to encourage a good sleep posture.

Choose a great night’s sleep

Whether you’re looking for a firmer, more supportive mattress or would prefer a nice balance of comfort and support, a SleepX mattress is the perfect choice.

Order your new mattress online and we’ll conveniently deliver it to your door. Every mattress has a 10-year warranty – and you have 120 nights to test drive your new mattress. If you’re not happy, you get your money back.

What’s not to love?