Learn the secrets to creating a comfortable sleep environment – the latest design trends

‘Home’ means different things to different people.

It’s a place where you use your own design flair to create a comfortable retreat from the world. A desirable destination for family and friends to come and enjoy your hospitality.

According to leading interior designers and colour experts, comfort is the feeling people are looking to create in their home environment.

Create a comfortable home with colour

Colour can drastically affect our mood. It can transform the spaces we live in, the furnishings we choose, the clothes we wear. We choose colours that express our sense of style and make us feel comfortable.

With the right combination, colour can help filter out the noise from the outside world. It helps us create a happy place for ourselves and our loved ones. 

For almost 20 years, Dulux has analysed colour trends and proclaimed the colour of the year. 

This year’s colour is Spiced Honey. It’s a “contemporary and timeless tone that reminds us of the honey tones being used in architecture and interior design”.

Dulux also advises that this year’s colour combinations feature “plenty more pastel tones, lots of ‘natural’ colours, and a rise in unique, bright colours.”

According to Dulux’s colour and design specialists, when decorating your home, it’s often good to start with neutral colours – like white or beige. Then, build on that blank canvas with colours that set the scene and create your perfect home.

Your bedroom is the ultimate retreat from the world

Of course, when it comes to getting some serious ‘down-time’, your bedroom is the place to be. Spiced Honey, the colour for 2019, is a warm, neutral shade which can help to create a soft feel to your sleep-space. For a contemporary feel, team this colour with whites and off-whites in furniture and furnishings.

Other top design tips include:

  • Evoke a feeling of wellness and relaxation in your bedroom by using soft greens on the wall combined with tonal hues for bedding and other decorative elements.
  • Use a limited palette of colours for a more restful mood. Moments of interest and contrast can be created by adding feature colours.
  • Add an indoor plant or two to help improve the air quality of the room.
  • Keep your bedroom distraction-free. Minimalist bedroom design was revealed as one of the big trends at the recent Milan Design Week. Remove the clutter and leave the electronics in the kitchen. Instead, make sure you have your favourite book close at hand.
  • Use natural and woven furniture and furnishings in your bedroom to promote a natural and healthy place to live in. Brushed cotton and linen throws and cushions are a nice touch. If you can afford it, handmade, quality beds are definitely on trend.

And of course, the most comfortable item in your bedroom should be your mattress. SleepX premium mattresses and pillows help you get a great night’s sleep every night.