What does your bedding say about your personality?

Are you a ‘throw the doona and the bed’s made’ sort of person? Or do you neatly tuck your sheets in military-style?

How we set-up our bed can reflect our approach to life – relaxed, no-fuss versus a desire for control and order.

So, let’s dive into the ‘psychology of bedding’!

The texture and feel of your bedding

  • Dreaming of escape

Do crisp, freshly-washed sheets make you feel like you’re on holidays?

Perhaps you’re dreaming of escape from your day-to-day routine? The practicalities of keeping your bedding fresh and clean takes a little more work if you don’t have a daily housekeeping service. But for some, that’s all it takes to create that holiday feel in their very own bedroom.

  • Add a little romance

Silky, smooth sheets can conjure up an atmosphere of romance and luxury. Maybe you’re the sort of person who wants to nurture more intimacy with your partner?

Whether they’re an everyday indulgence or for a special occasion, silk sheets may be just what you need to create the mood you’re after.

The colour of your bedding

  • Keeping life simple

Pure white sheets are classic. They say purity and simplicity – and they mean that you don’t have to think too much about which colour sheets go with your doona/wall colour/mood.

White, ivory or cream sheets are the most popular choice because they’re neutral. They go with a patterned doona cover and other aspects of your room’s décor.

  • Colour to reflect – and affect - your mood

When choosing the colour of your bedding, you’re likely to consider how well it matches your bedroom décor. But there’s a whole field of study on the effects of colour on human behaviour.

Orange, for instance, is said to be a stimulating colour – perhaps not the ideal choice when you’re trying to wind-down for a relaxing night’s sleep. Green is the colour of balance. It creates feelings of harmony, restoration and peace, so it might be a good choice.

Making your bed – or not!

Are you someone who takes a few moments in the morning to make your bed? Or are you in such a rush that there’s no time to waste on something that seems so trivial as making the bed?

The ritual of making your bed can be an annoying chore. But for some, an organised bedroom helps them feel more relaxed, leading to a better sleep when their head once again hits the pillow.

According to this rousing motivational video, “a made bed gives you the encouragement that tomorrow will be better.” A well-made bed can give you a sense of pride. It’s one step towards moving on to the things that matter.

And who doesn’t love coming home to a bed that’s made?

I reckon if that’s all it takes, you’d have to agree that tucking in those sheets and fluffing your pillows would really be worth it!