5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Pillow

And when’s the best time to replace it

Close your eyes for a minute. Think about that moment when your head touches the pillow. For me it’s one of my favourite times of day.

But hanging on to your favourite pillow for years on end might not be such a good idea. Even your trustiest pillow needs caring for – and discarding when the time’s right.

Tips for keeping your pillow healthy

1. Choose a healthy pillow in the first place

Good quality pillows are made of non-allergenic materials using environmentally sensitive processes. This is especially important if you suffer from asthma or allergies.

We treat every SleepX pillow with CompriShield™. CompriShield™ is a natural, bio-based microbial control solution. It’s derived from sustainably-sourced coconut oil.

This gives your pillow protection against mould, mildew, dust mites, bed bugs and odour. The benefits last the lifetime of the pillow. When we’ve tested pillows treated with CompriShield™, we found there was absolutely no mould growth after 28 days. We also saw that bacterial microbes are reduced by more than 98%.

2. Always use a pillow cover

An easy way of keeping your pillow fresh is to use a pillow cover and wash it regularly. The cover protects your pillow from moisture and oils that could result in staining.

Many pillows come with a removable cover that’s machine-washable. Otherwise, pillow protectors are quite inexpensive and available from your local supermarket.

3. Shake it up

Give your pillow a bit of a shake every morning. This helps remove dust mites, keeping it cleaner and fresher.

4. Give it a clean now and again

Check the label on your pillow for instructions on how to keep your pillow clean. If your pillow does have a stain or two, it’s often best to use a ‘light touch’. Give it a spot clean with an enzyme-based cleaner.

Generally, you should avoid washing your pillow or using water to clean it. Any moisture will only promote bacteria and mould.

Putting your pillow out in the sun is a great way of getting rid of any moisture or odours.

5. Change your pillow regularly

Parting from our favourite pillow can be hard, but every pillow has a used-by date.

When is it time to replace your pillow?

We recommend you ask yourself two questions:

  1. Is your pillow still offering the appropriate support and comfort that you need? Consider the shape of the pillow and whether your neck and head feel supported.
  2. Is your pillow still ‘fresh’? So, no obvious stains or odours.

Choice recommend a four-step process to test if your pillow is still OK to use:

  1. Put your pillow on a flat surface and fold it over in half.
  2. Pop a sports shoe on top.
  3. If the shoe flies off as your pillow bounces back into its original shape, your pillow is in top form.
  4. If the shoe stays there, or the pillow doesn't spring back into shape, it's time to buy a new one.

Depending on the quality of your pillow and how it’s stood up to normal ‘wear and tear’, it could last from two to five years.

We make SleepX pillows from high quality materials, so they’re guaranteed to last five years. They also come in three sizes and have a 30-day money-back guarantee

That’s what I call ‘staying the distance’!